Day 6

Oops, I skipped one. Friday went well, and I got the basic model done with the cameras in place. Without the model to work on, our advisor out, and it being monday, today resulted in me wandering aimless and confused through the endless maze of Maya. I tried getting the cameras in the model to match up with the real ones, but we had difficulty figuring out what numbers to plug in for the camera specs. After a while of researching in vain and guessing at numbers, I decided to start learning animation basics from another Maya tutorial so that I would be able to add walking people to the model when the time comes. I used a model of the airport baggage claim made by the undergrads during the year to export the people that were in it to a separate file. That way I wouldn’t have to try to create anything so elaborate from scratch. When I saw the animations that were already attached to the figures, they were so complex that I was positive one of the other students didn’t create them. I couldn’t get rid of the previous animations either, so I gave up on that for the time being and went back to modeling. I gave the room the rest of its walls and a ceiling (the model previously consisted of only what was in the frame of the cameras) and added a shelf of lockers that was also out of the frame. At the end of the day, I went back to trying to get the cameras to match, and decided to call upon my dad’s video production expertise. He pointed out that the lens was made for a camera with a different sized image sensor, which results in a changed focal length, so my mission tomorrow is to determine that focal length and make my virtual cameras all perfect-like.



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