Day 9/10

The past two days were half days, due to a series of appointments and then my aunts wedding. It’s kinda nice to get out early, but I don’t feel as accomplished when I leave. Or as tired. Today, I unsuccessfully tried to get the lights and ceiling to show up in the rendered frames from the camera. I think the issue is the way Maya shades, so the ceiling is darker and looks like its not there. The lights aren’t showing up because they aren’t actual objects in Maya, just sources of light, so I may try to make objects that look like the ceiling lights and then put the lights in them. These attempts were interupted by the chance to video chat with Dan, the freshman from the class who previously did the modeling work. He showed me where he got the animations from in the previous model so I should be able to go from there for the model with moving figures. For the static validation, we will be comparing stills from the model’s cameras with those from the actual array. Joe bought us these big inflatable bouncy balls that we hung from the ceiling (rather destructively), which should demonstrate the difference in the focal planes of the cameras to prove that the model is accureate.


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