Day 11

When I walked in this morning, all three balls were on the ground covered in tape gunk. I started trying to hang them back up, but I signed up to be a subject in a trial for a senior project in the Color Building, so I had to go to that. The Color Building is not an easy place to find. Its really just a hallway connecting two other buildings, and I had to call Billy to guide me there. The color trial was a tad bit complex, but not too bad. I survived. 

Back in the lab, I hung up our test target balls with bent paper clips stuck into the inflation valves which were then tied to the strings we hung from the ceiling tiles from our previous efforts. They’ve stayed up quite well. I put them in place in the model, although the polka dots really did not want to be created in Maya, and then took stills from the virtual cameras. I sent the pictures to Billy, who will complete the validation tomorrow by creating an image from the stills as if they were taken with the array. That’s about where my work has left off today. I’ve played with a few methods for creating ceiling tiles in my model, but to no avail.


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