Day 13

We finished the static validation today. It was pretty rewarding to see my model in action and actually working. With the exception of a trial for a senior project and a trip to Java’s, I spent the rest of the time trying to get animations to be pretty. I created person that walked mildly less robotically, but it still isn’t great, especially compared to the animations from Motionbuilder, an animation program that the previous models used for their moving figures. I’ve was able to import both the figure and the skeleton (pre-animated set of joints that controls the figure) into my Maya models, but then they wouldn’t properly combine to move together. Then, through several file conversions and a lot of throwing stuff around on my jump drive between the windows computer and my laptop, I got the figure and skeleton together and functional into my model, but then I had no control over the animation. So that is my goal for tomorrow.


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