Day 15

The animation still doesn’t work. The pre-made walk that I’m using turns around a few times, so I have been trying to get him to walk in a straight line across the room. As I typed that last sentence, I realized that it would be fine if he was turning around…maybe I’ll look into that. Anyways, I tried pulling out a brief clip of the animation to loop, and grabbed just enough frames for a cycle of the figure’s walk. Or so I thought. When I had finally gotten the figure in place (by repeatedly typing the same group of six six digit numbers [rotating and translating on each of the three axes, each to the thousandths place] for every one of the 40 frames of animation that I had) I tried to loop the walk, and realized I hadn’t taken enough of the animation to loop it. Then, I took a swing at the computer. He ducked quickly, evading my pathetic blow and instead landing one on my jaw. I was knocked to the floor beside the desk, and he proceeded to press his thick-soled boot into my brittle chest. The sounds of small explosions going off in rapid succession erupted from my ribcage. I writhed in agony. He looked down on me, foot resting on my vertebrae, a trace of a smile on his cold, nearly robotic face, like one would look down upon a cupboard thieving mouse that he had finally cornered, a hammer in hand, and he whispered, “You will never be able to animate a person walking in a straight line”. With that, he picked me up by the collar of my blood-soaked shirt, kicked open the lab door, and hurled me over the railing. On my break, I decided to be productive and went to read my summer reading book down at Global Village. After I got through a chapter, I saw some people walking out of the Global Market with some delicious looking drinks, so I went in to see what it was. There is a Bubble Tea stand in the store, which I have never tried before (at least not served this way), so I gave it a shot. The drink brand is named FatStraw, which I thought nothing of, figuring it was just a marketing scheme, so I grabbed a ‘FatStraw’, stuck it through the strange, plastic-wrapped top of the cup, and took a sip. I was greeted by a sugary drink, as expected, and a rubbery ball, which I did not. I looked into the cup bewildered and realized the dark stuff at the bottom was a strange, chewy, asian candy that I had just slurped into my mouth, and the abnormally large straw was sized this way to fit them. And then, I went back to the lab.


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