Day 17

I had an unproductive morning because the grayscaling duties had been taken by Matt (not something I was disappointed with) and Joe came in later, so I didn’t have a defined task. After lunch, I felt like I needed to get to work, so I set some goals and got to it. The ceiling of my model hasn’t been perfect because the grid for the tiles has been incredibly difficult to make, I hadn’t put the rails in that hold up the curtains in the lab, and the lights haven’t been visible objects in the model, just sources of light mysteriously coming through the ceiling. I put in the curtain rails without a problem, found a new way to render the lights that looks all fancy-like, and it took me a few tries, but I got the ceiling tiles in. Then, I put the outline for our final presentation into a powerpoint and filled in what I could. When Joe came in, we went over the presentation for the Undergrad Symposium and my animation (now called the dynamic validation). I need to change a few things in the animation and throw some pictures and/or videos into the presentation, so I have my work cut out for tomorrow.


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