Day 20

It’s been a short day. As soon as the meeting ended this morning, we headed over to the Conference Center for our presentation. We watched a few extremely engaging presentations, and then gave ours. I thought we did good enough, but wasn’t too psyched about my performance. I said “accurately” far too many times. We ducked out of the symposium after we were done presenting and came back to the building for the cookout, which ended a bit quicker than usual due to a little bit of rain. Luckily, I hadn’t brought my bag in yet, so it sat on the bench and frolicked as water streamed down its dry and cracking face and it ran its hands through its refreshingly clean hair. Feeling rejuvenated, it signaled to Kellyn, who pointed out that I had left it there through the brief downpour. Magically, when I unzipped it, its contents remained perfectly dry, only the back had gotten wet. I was relieved. And that brings us to now. I’m back in the lab typing this enthralling blog post as I wait to leave for the College and Career weekend on campus, which is at 1:30, making today a half-day. The end.


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