Day 21

My work has been interesting today because its been pretty much entirely self-guided, even more so than usual. My job is now to make alternate configurations for the array, but with the exception of one, I wasn’t given any specific arrangements. On Friday when I was killing time until College and Careers, I brainstormed some ideas for configurations and that’s what I based most of my stuff on today. So far, the alternate configurations are:

-The current array with the distance between each camera cut in half. This is the only one Joe has requested.

-The Point Greys replaced with the Pi Cams, which is an obvious one because it’s what Matt and Billy are actually doing.

-The current array with twice the number of cameras in the same space.

-The current array with a second row of six on a little higher above it.

-An array spread as far as possible while still being calibrateable, which came out to eleven cameras across a little over five meters. I made two other variations of this, one with a second row on top (22 cameras), and the other with a top row but shifted over so that there was a camera filling in each gap (23 cameras). That’s kinda confusing, so it looks like . ‘ . ‘ . if punctuation were cameras.

-The last one is a little less realistic. The cameras are wedged between the back wall and the ceiling, one in each corner and one in the center. Then, I rotated it downward so there wasn’t so much ceiling in the picture and adjusted the camera specs until I could see nearly the whole room. I think that would be a great array for a security application, but I don’t think a camera with those specs that exists.

Tomorrow, I plan on trying the model that can see the whole room with real camera specs, working on a semi-circular model, and running these new configurations through the program to see how they compare.


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