Day 24

So this morning, my dad was supposed to pick me up at 8:20. At 8:30, I was still at home, and he wasn’t answering his phone. My mom wound up driving me at like 8:35, extending my glorious late streak even further. I came in to the peer review of our outlines, which was a pretty typical, other than getting kicked out of the room because I hadn’t finished being a test subject for SImran and Mia’s visual perception experiment. Once I got to the lab, I was pretty productive. I got straight to work with the row and curvature configurations. For the curvature stuff I spent a little while trying to figure out some complex trig for dimensioning, but I couldn’t, so I just eyeballed a few things (I eyeball pretty precisely and scientifically, it shouldn’t be compromising my work or anything like that [that’s not sarcasm (really)]). Once I got the configurations all done, I rendered out stills for the ‘fixed width’ and ‘fixed number of cameras’ arrays. I only rendered one of the ‘curvature’ arrays because I just wanted to see if it worked. After lunch, I took over the Linux machine (the computer with the array program) and finally got to try them out. I took screen capture videos of each one to show how well it could focus on different depths, and it looked like having twelve cameras might be a better set up, but I have to really look over the videos again. The curvature array sort of worked, but not as well as the others. It might need a slightly different program. That’s about it. I got my second time clock strike today. That was pretty exciting. Not only do I manage to mess up my own punching, but at lunch today, I put in the wrong number and of course, the machine flashed green and read “Accepted”. I was pretty impressed that someone else had a badge number one digit away from mine, when there’s nine digits to pick from. Awesome.


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