Day 25

When I came into the lab this morning, I got going on the rendering for the row configurations. We plugged them in to the program, but it was pretty messy because the cameras were looking at objects from three different angles. With both rows and curvature out of the picture, I watched the screen capture videos for the arrays with varied spacing and number of cameras. I determined which ranges gave the best pictures for each, which came out to 4-12 cameras spaced about 25-55cm apart. Then, I made a few more configurations for each range, rendered out the stills for the program, and ran them through it. I screen captured these and I plan on watching and comparing them to narrow down the range even further. Eventually, this process should determine the best possible array set up we could make using the Point Grey cameras. I wish I could post some of these test videos, or even pictures, but WordPress just sort of doesn’t work, so I’m sorry, I pick bad blogging sites..


One thought on “Day 25

  1. Nate,

    Grandma and I have been catching up on your blog this morning. We are both impressed and amused by your daily accounts of your activities, the systematic way you set you your goals, lay out the tasks to accomplish those goals, and then problem-solve to get there. You constantly challenge yourself and press the envelope to stretch your skills. You always have.

    I admire your persistence in working through complex problems, and your ability to release your frustrations through humor. I laughed out loud at your fist fight with the computer, as painful as that might have been for you to be defeated and humiliated by an inanimate object!

    I have to admit that my understanding of “arrays” and “virtual cameras” is vague, along with a few other terms you use frequently. I’d love to talk with you about it to understand these concepts better.

    Actually, I’d love to see for myself what you’re doing, but I suppose it wouldn’t be cool for me to pop in on you at work. Maybe you can bring some of your PowerPoints home. Will the animations run on our computers, or do you need to have Maya on board to run the links from your PowerPoint?

    We haven’t seen you since all the wedding excitement! We miss you. But we’re both very excited about your internship experience.


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