Day 26

Coming into work at 3:00 was pretty nice, especially because I couldn’t be late. When I got into the lab, only the undergrads were in, so I talked with Billy for a bit and then showed him the videos for configurations with changed camera numbers. He said that the real advantage of more cameras is to see through objects that give each camera a different perspective (the example was a bush, because it has holes that each camera would see something different through). That gave me the idea of making the person from the dynamic validation walk behind a crowd of Maya-folk, so that it would show how many cameras are really necessary and have a more security-like scenario. I rendered the images for one configuration, but then it was time to go to the Mees Observatory. The trip was fun because we all got to hang out outside of work (well, sort of) and the observatory was really cool. I’m not the most avid of stargazers, but it’s beautiful up there and I got to see a couple meteors (meteorites?) which were awesome.


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