Day 27

I was allowed to be late today! There was no morning meeting due to our late night observatory trip, so I came in at 9:15 and wasn’t worried about it. It was a nice change. Up in the lab, I got going on the rendering for the 6 and 10 camera array crowd tests. That took a while because you have to wait for Maya to render out 186 frames for every camera in the array. I took some of this time for yesterday’s blog post, some edits to the abstract, and maybe a few doodles. By lunch, the crowd tests were all rendered and ready to be put into the program. (Insert transition here) I have to get braces tomorrow, and that will be the end of chip eating for me, so at lunch, we went down to Salsarita’s and I ate two hard shell tacos, a side of chips, and Killian’s side of chips. I was working hard. Then, we stopped by Bytes to grab some gummies and hard candy, because that also ends tomorrow. When we got back to work, we ran the three crowd tests and showed them to Joe. We thought 4 cameras worked because you could see the figure’s head at all times, but Joe pointed out that we needed to be able to see the whole body, so it looks like the more cameras we have the better. Now, I’m rendering out the 12 camera test and we will see how that goes. Tomorrow, I hope to finish the camera number tests and then do this for the spacing configurations so that we can figure out what actually is best.


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